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Update: Covid-19

News / April 1 2021

Update of Events

At 2.30pm On Wednesday we were advised by a relative of the person who had tested positive after visiting the Rous Hotel and Ballina Golf Club may have visited the gym also, but wasn’t sure if that was correct.

We checked and confirmed that he had visited on SUNDAY between 9.53 and 10.35am. We immediately notified NSW Health and they set in place the steps required including:

  • Closing the gym immediately for a deep clean
  • Contact tracing co-operation, covid plan management 
  • Risk assessment: Video analysis checking for any close contact


From our video surveillance we can discern that these were his movements:

  • He entered the gym and went straight to the treadmill in the corner. There were no other people on any other treadmill near him. He fully sprayed the treadmill and wiped it after using it.
  • He then went to the water fountain and filled his bottle.
  • He then went to the cable machine and used it for 5 minutes, again spraying with disinfectant when he finished.
  • He finished with some ab exercises on the red ball on the mat area. He stretched, then left. He had NO close contact interaction with any other person 

NSW Health has contacted those that were in the gym and for the hour after to get tested and wait for the result, which is usually 24 hours. They advised us that they consider this a low risk event. All staff members that were in the gym that day have been tested and are awaiting the result.

The Yoga class had finished and participants had left before the man had entered the gym.


Going Forward

The gym has now reopened and for now masks are mandatory. Classes are on but masks must be used. Queensland Health has ended the shutdown in the Brisbane area..

We will resume our sanitising practices at Surfit and endeavour to keep it a safe place for you to train.

If you need more information please go here.

We appreciate  all of  your positivity and support.

The team at Surfit Lennox.


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