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Surfit Lennox Head

Surfit - a gym built on the surf culture of Lennox Head.

Surfit was established in downtown Lennox Head in 2014. Backed by the quality of the gym and people involved, it quickly became the hub of fitness in Lennox Head and a strong part of the community.​ 

With the continual increase of the town’s population and ever-growing tourist attraction, the gym quickly became too small to serve the community

Surfit Lennox Head
Hammer Strength Athletic Bridge and Dumbells

In 2020, David Westaway and David Ellis teamed up to create a brand new Surfit Gym at EPIQ Marketplace. Along with their amazing staff, they proudly believe they have created a unique, world class gym that typifies fitness in Lennox Head.​​

Start your fitness journey today.

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Join from just $21 a week