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Surfit Lennox Head



Dave is both the gym owner and a personal trainer – his training specialties are sports conditioning, weight loss and age specific training with a focus of seniors. Dave has lived and breathed fitness for many years and is always coming up with new and inventive ways to keep training up to date, effective and enjoyable.



Lauren has more than 15 years experience in the fitness industry, specialising in sports specific strength & conditioning, sports nutrition, boxing & kick boxing. 



Leah has been an exercise physiologist since 2007. She has extensive knowledge and experience in chronic disease management and personal training within the community. She has worked with rehabilitation providers and multidisciplinary injury management teams and has clinical experience in the hospital setting in the areas of cardiac rehabilitation and mental health. 



Kylie has been in the fitness industry for the last 16 years. She gets high satisfaction helping clients achieve goals they never thought were possible. Her exercise philosophy is that a healthy body gives a healthy mindset and that consistency is the key to achieving results. 



Aggie is a passionate and experienced health and fitness coach, working with her clients to create personalised plans that incorporate a holistic approach to improving their health.



Todd comes to Surfit with over 10 years experience in the fitness industry. He specialises in sports specific strength and conditioning and trains a range of athletes across a variety of sports. Additionally, Todd is a keen runner with extensive experience in trail running. 


Yoga Instructor

Inge’s classes focus on breath linked movements with safe transitions between poses & modifications to suit all, with the aim to make you feel relaxed, open and alive. 


Yoga Instructor

Josefina’s classes integrate pranayama, asana and meditation. Held within a traditional hatha base and introducing flow, fusing the feminine aspect of movement with stability and stillness. Holding each asana long enough so that the gift each posture offers is revealed.

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