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Covid Safe

News / July 9 2021

Masks in the Gym

We would like to thank everyone for adhering to the face mask rule. It’s been not the most comfortable to workout in, but a hell of a lot better than being in lockdown!

We have a handful of members with medical exemptions. These exemptions are to be assessed by your GP and a letter will be given to you. We don’t need to see this, however if we are inspected and you are fined you will need to deal with the legal consequence yourself. 

In complying you are helping us keep our doors open! Thanks again!

Covid Check-In

From Monday 12 July you will need to do the covid checkin on EVERY visit to the gym. This is the law. There are no exceptions and no exemptions. We cannot make you do the checkin… However we WILL refuse you entry to the gym if you do not comply with this..

If our system has record of you swiping your tag into the gym and it doesn’t correspond with an app checkin it will leave you open for a penalty for non compliance..



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